Who Can Move People,
Can Move Markets.

Schindler Parent – the agency for Brand & Margin®.

We love to show brands from their best side, communicate their values, design their visual appearance, define Corporate Identities and develop Corporate Designs. We love to implement creative communication campaigns – abovetheline, belowtheline, offline and online. With passion. With SEO. Pull instead of Push. This is because, in everything we communicate, we place the user of our clients at the centre – and reach them precisely for this reason. In doing so, we offer you what you need most: digital sales support. Across all sectors. Regional, international, optimal – measureable. This is exactly what our claim Brand & Margin® stands for: Communicate complex things simply. Efficient, successful, multi-award-winning. This is because we understand our business – and yours.


In the old days – and we mean in the really good old days when everything was not just good, but everything was better – people called it a full-service agency. We once called it 360° (because we keep an eye on everything).

Our clients often see us as a B2B agency. We see ourselves as a B2P agency, a brand-to-people agency, because business-to-business and business-to-consumer both follow the same rules of communication. Ultimately, the brands convince the people. And, of course, the added value that triggers emotions and which one can rationalise in the end.

And it is these brands that we make strong through communication so that they make a margin. Brand and margin are the creative connection with which we ensure the success of our clients. Not only with graphic design but based on a well-founded analysis within the framework of a goal-oriented strategy.

Of course, we don't just do this in Meersburg or at Lake Constance, but mainly nationally and internationally. And when we say international, we mean beyond our esteemed neighbours in Switzerland and Austria. By internationally, we are referring to our E3 agency network, which is present on every continent. Thus, we are by no means limited to the region around Lake Constance.