Become a Digital Marketing Pro in Linz.
And thanks to E3, always up to Date.

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Become a Digital Marketing Pro in Linz.

And thanks to E3, always up to Date.

The pace of our digital age can sometimes be quite overwhelming. All the better if you, as a communication agency, have partner agencies with whom you can exchange and update. This was the case in Linz, Austria, at the end of March. The agency SPS invited to two workshop days as a part of an E3 network meeting. Titled: "Digital Sessions".

The E3 agency network is a highly successful association of partner agencies operating worldwide. For over 30 years, companies working with E3 agencies have been benefiting from the added value offered by this association: No matter whether it's about cultural feasibility of international campaigns, testing and improving strategies or accompanying companies into new target markets - in the E3 network you can rely on support and good cooperation.

It was therefore very beneficial to meet in Linz, listen to presentations, have discussions and work practically on various case studies.

Elementary: The Digital Strategy

A seamless integration of technology and data into a company's general communication strategy is indispensable to create a consistent customer experience. Everyone in Linz agreed on this as well. However, the development of such a strategy can be quite challenging. Therefore, the exchange of experiences is even more important: from the omni-channel approach, successful mapping of the customer journey to competitive analyses with a focus on social networks, everything was covered.

Being a Pioneer with GA4.

GA4 - Google Analytics' fourth generation - is the sports car among Google's tracking tools. This is mostly because event-based tracking makes it more flexible to record user behaviour on the website as it was still the case with Universal Analytics and various hit types. Furthermore, it is no longer only about the bounce rate in percent, but much more about the interaction rate. GA4 allows to measure sessions in a different way than UA - which also leads to more accurate and analysable data. For the E3 Network, it's clear that digital marketing in particular is about keeping your finger on the pulse. Using GA4 to optimize the type of data collection and website design is of course only one of many topics - but a significant one. Another is DSGVO compliance. Of course, this also came up.

Digital Marketing in China.

It is common knowledge that things are different in China than in Europe when it comes to digital marketing. However, the concrete difference came to light during one of the sessions: In China, the all-round app "WeChat" is a much more general way of being digital. However, other communication channels, such as "Little Red Book", are also gaining popularity. Exchanging thoughts about this has been extremely helpful. Western companies face exactly these challenges when they expand into the Chinese market. The E3 network, with its events, exchanges and close cooperation among partner agencies, is instrumental in helping its clients overcome such challenges - be they economic, linguistic or cultural.

A strong Team.

The meeting in Linz was pure inspiration - and superbly organized by our Linz E3 network agency. That makes communication and marketing fun - and leads to tangible success. A big thank you - for the lively exchange and the constructive atmosphere. The next E3 network meeting will take place in September. In Meersburg. With us, Schindler Parent. We are already looking forward to it.



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