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Dr. Oliver Errichiello.


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What makes brands distinguishable? And at what point do the weaknesses show? And if brands weaken, what countermeasures can be taken? In his article “Middle Class Brands: These are the Indicators for Brand Weakness“, Dr. Oliver Errichiello from The Office of Brand Development neatly dissects the four stages of increasing brand weakness – from a short-term performance low to structural problems and reduction of the substance, down to the rehabilitation case.

The gist of his explanation was, that brands in crisis cannot be saved with just improving communication. Emotionalising alone is not enough, and image communication even less. The performance of a brand has to be spot on – and it has to be consistent with the brand’s promise of performance. That is to say: If a brand focuses on its promise of performance and consistently adheres to it, more clearly, if the company itself is loyal to its brand, it also creates the conditions necessary for a brand to succeed on the market – instead of chasing the market and its ever-changing conditions.

It takes a high degree of analytical energy to reflect on one’s promise of performance and then also to comply with it – and it requires the power and the ability to draw strategically correct conclusions from these observations. Ultimately, this strategy has to be implemented communicatively. Only, this can no longer be purely commercial image communication, which refuses to adhere to measurable goals, but it rather represents brand communication in the actual meaning of the word, that needs and wants to be measured. And it not only competes with the communication of the competition, but also with the predetermined KPIs. That’s what we mean by Brand & Margin®.

Dr. Oliver Errichiello is managing director of The Office of Brand Development in Hamburg. He is the author of several specialist books, as well as a sought-after expert on the subject of brands, and a lecturer on brand management at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.His article “Middle-class Brands: These are the Indicators of Brand Weakness” was published in The German Economy. The Voice of the Middle Class. The Office for Brand Development in Hamburg and Schindler Parent started cooperating in February 2017 with the goal of realising brand communication with measurable successes on a sociologically sound basis.

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