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A hidden champion divulges from the ‘little toolbox’.


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The customer, a hidden champion par excellence. Swabian family business in its fifth generation, founder of its own branch of ‘flexible metallic elements’, world market leader and driving force among the global competition. This alone is enough material for storytelling. On the 150th anniversary, it had to be something very special befitting the occasion and the company.
In the elaborately designed anniversary publication, we focus on the brand essence of this global market leader. Know-how, engineering expertise and passion for the product are its outstanding features. And everything revolves around the actual product in the ‘Stories from the technology leader’.

Beyond the otherwise typically technology-oriented Inglisch, these focus entirely on the most curious contracts, technological highlights and unusual events from 150 years of company history.

Among other things, the following are covered:

  • what’s the Christmas tree on the seabed about (a flexible, metallic installation for reducing pressure on the deep sea borehole),
  • when husbands at Witzenmann take off their wedding rings (due to hygiene requirements during production of aluminium bellows for nuclear research institutes - the ‘impure copper’ promotes corrosion of the materials used or
  • why the Vatican sent an urgent telephone order to Witzenmann (the airtight vitrine in which the world famous Turin Shroud is showcased requires a special flexible bellow to compensate for temperature-related fluctuations in pressure.
  • These and many other stories provide interesting entertainment that fascinate even non-tech-savvy laymen and provide an unusual insight into the complex technologies surrounding Witzenmann products.

All the stories resonate, purely en passant, with the global market leader’s special problem-solving expertise and core competency.

The brand forms what constitutes the core.

Far beyond the festivities of the 150th anniversary celebration, the ‘Stories from the technology leader’ act as a somewhat different kind of image brochure. The character, aspirations and spirit of this family business are brilliantly communicated as far as customers are concerned. With passion, ability becomes expertise - customers of this global market leader ‘feel’ this and the commemorative publication also addresses this feeling. Spot on!
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Michael Meier

Managing Director