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The ABT Image Brochure.


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ABT is the world's largest refiner of vehicles from the VW Group. Now it was time again to refine the Abbot image brochure. For us this meant fastening our seatbelts, shifting up the gears, and speeding up.

The challenge was to develop the image brochure in the context of the new brand identity – both optically as well as in terms of both content. Additionally, new thematic fields, such as the formula E and e-mobility in general, had to be incorporated and the anniversary needed to be referenced.

As usual, the ABT Image brochure was designed to be bilingual. To make sure that the powerful headlines and the concise copy work equally well in German and English. The imagery is universally understandable due to dynamic graphic elements, strong vehicle photography, and clear structuring.

The reference to the 120-year anniversary was made by the specially designed logo, which adorns the title page of the brochure, attracts attention, and takes up the graphical elements from the brochure. And speaking of the new logos: The electric mobility division 'ABT E' also received a separate logo from Schindler Parent, which is presented in the anniversary brochure.


Michael Meier
Managing Director


Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Projekt Management 


David Bumiller

A Record in the Satisfaction Ranking.

Agency and customer are more than satisfied with the outcome. We take it as a good sign that ABT is only satisfied when scoring first places. There is nothing in the way of diving into the fast-paced world of ABT.
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Michael Meier
Managing Director
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