Hybrid private Banking.

A Design System For Private- And Handelsbank Zürich.


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“A design system for a new category and brand in private banking: digital banking as an interactive service for the engaged, discerning customer.”
Hybrid Banking

Hybrid banking is a new change to traditional customer business. This dual principle should be reflected in the layout system as well as the logo of the new, Old English name (Leodan = to grow, to sprout, balanced, joining, complementary), as a progressive continuum between two worlds.

Doing One Thing. Without Neglecting Something Else.

With its product, the new bank will reach a new target group of private customers who will be able to actively manage their assets and investments independently thanks to new technologies, or on request just monitor transactions interactively with their adviser.

In addition, it was essential that the brand image conveyed both privacy protection and trust, and that the choice between face-to-face traditional banking and modern banking could be made based on convenience and ease. This kind of private banking is now the widely accepted standard.
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