There’s always a manufacturer behind the product.

Packaging design for Novartis.


Study on the stronger influence of well-known product brands on the leading pharmaceutical brand.

In the very heterogeneous and restrictive world of over-the-counter and prescription-only pharmaceuticals packaging, the issue of manufacturer branding has previously received little attention. To strengthen an existing brand architecture we came up with a number of suggestions for a packaging design system that would convey the values of this manufacturer of leading care and treatment products as innovative, responsible and effective:

A) Novartis as successor of a lengthy, globally renowned design tradition (Ciba-Geigy)
B) Novartis as a committed global citizen, as well as a lover of the arts and architecture
C) Expanding and subsequently implementing the corporate design system to boost brand recognition
D) Designed to be outwardly business-like, but inwardly self-confident and emotional
E) Emphasis on the legal design requirements as a means of differentiation

Restrictions as opportunity.

While regulators are imposing increasingly strict requirements packaging design, we selected this restriction as a differentiating design concept:

• Emphasis on safety-related information requirements as a typical design feature
• Systematic yet ultra-flexible design principles
• Wide range of possible applications with respect to proportions, colours, text and image content