Good Vibrations.

How we gave a voice to hearing health science.


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“Developing a brand strategy and design for a disruptive product as a sole representative of a new category: preventing hearing loss.”
Cause as influence

Instead of making people aware of noise exposure as a health risk for young concert-goers, in phase one we called on the music industry and its stars to influence young people with an active lifestyle. In turn, the idea was for them to influence their followers by talking about the positive effects of the supplement, available in various forms – from powder to capsules to drinks – and by doing so reach many of the company’s target groups.

The world is loud.

Life is loud, when you’re living it up at least. The Soundbites supplement regenerates your hearing, making it last for longer and giving you an active social life, whatever your age. The loud music scene serves as a projection screen for a pulsing urban brand identity.
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Michael Meier