One Group, one spirit.

New brand structure for the Swiss Air Group.


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“New brand structure to depict a modern airline group capable of expansion, with airlines and allied industries, building on the goodwill of the Swissair brand.”
Lending the new holding company its name, the former brand Swissair forms the base of the new structure, comprised of four divisions. As a branding phrase presented alongside the group’s mission statement, the group name establishes a clear visual connection between all of the group companies. In the aviation-related divisions, the well-known Swissair symbol also guarantees an end-to-end “Swissair Experience”.

One Group, One Spirit.

All of the brands in the growing group are clearly affiliated with the airline group, but are also free to operate independently where appropriate.

The catering for British Airways for example is not provided by Swissair but by GateGroup, an SAir Group company. The new group name therefore helped to avoid passenger confusion and highlight the diversity and broad experience of the group elsewhere.
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