Refreshing an Airline.

Strengthening the Swissair brand.


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“Strengthening the brand of the scaled down airline following the reorganisation of the other parts of the business into a new holding company, in a very competitive market environment.”
Double branding Developing a flexible visual system incorporating the existing identity elements, to set a bold statement that will accompany all stages of a complex customer journey, with numerous touch points including services provided by other business divisions and partners, subbrands and products (“the Swissair Experience”).

The refreshing airline.

Getting noticed in a saturated competitive market is achieved through a strong visual identity; the well-known logo – its typography adopted for other divisions – is presented large-scale as a background at all touch points, its colour spectrum enhanced with fresh colours to make it really stand out. The design system and specified brand were rolled out across the entire experience chain, and the presence of the famous brand increasingly noticed once again thanks to its dissemination across aviation-related divisions. Whilst the holding now stands for so much more than an airline, Swissair leads the way in representing the familiar values and goodwill of the brand within the group.
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