A Real Feast For The Eyes.

The new website for Backhaus Mahl.


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After the new corporate design received such positive feedback – not just within the shops but also in relation to the advertising media, bags and packaging – there was no way the company website was being left behind. The desire was to achieve a standardised look both on paper and through to the last pixel. The new design once again incorporates the handicraft tradition while enticing onlookers to buy the products.
Large, emotionally charged images captivate visitors at first sight and draw them into the world of Backhaus Mahl. The images created as part of the photo shooting for the new corporate design are an optimal fit. They stand for excellent handicraft tradition and clearly show that it's not some mass production bakery behind the product but rather an established family business. Concise texts provide customers with everything they need to know, while giving the powerful imagery enough room to work its magic. The website's streamlined structure and the absence of convoluted navigation make the company’s strong presence a real winner on all channels.

The icing on the cake.

The new website delivers the perfect optical finishing touches for the company's presence. It establishes an online foothold for the family baker’s high quality image, and generates a unified presence for customers across all potential points of contact. But not just that. Customer feedback has been just as positive. They are delighted to finally be able to enjoy the unique Backhaus Mahl look on the website too. Even if it ultimately means that they quickly close the browser to make their way to one of its bakeries.
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Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Project Management