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How do you make designers excited about cardboard – a product that usually receives little attention? In the end, the answer to this complex question was as challenging as it was simple: to give the target group an exciting task that they will report about themselves. In this respect, we simply passed the task that the Swedish cardboard manufacturer, Iggesund Paperboard, assigned to us on to the target group. However, first we had to come up with the idea.
The idea behind the Black Box Project was to create a projection screen for the designers’ wishes: to exploit infinite design possibilities in a limited space. The idea was, quite literally, to use Invercote’s fine cardboard box to create something even more from the Invercote material than the sum of its parts. Brand communication in the form of a magical instrument.

The result was presented to the target group – international designers – at exclusive international events in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Moscow and New York. The response was unparalleled. On the one hand with the designers who were asked to design a box, on the other hand with the designers who were invited to the events.

Most of all, however, the Black Box Project developed viral effects as a result of each event: the numerous visitors to the events reported on it themselves. Not only were new contacts between Iggesund and creatives around the world established, but there were also many entries in blogs, social media, TV and radio reports.

Multi-award winning – the Black Box Project has won numerous design awards

How can the success of a campaign aimed at appealing to designers be better demonstrated than with Design Awards? The Black Box Project has swept the board since 2011. In fact, at some point in time, we stopped keeping an accurate count. But we were particularly pleased about the GWA Production Award in 2011, the Golden Leaf Award in 2012 and the Best of Business to Business Awards in 2013 – not to mention the Special Mention at the German Design Award 2014.
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Michael Meier
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