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We’re on track now.

A new brand image for BRAWA model railways.


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What is unique about the BRAWA brand? What sets it apart from the competition? What makes the brand successful? Does it communicate its strengths in the right way? A workshop structured around these questions was intended to review the BRAWA brand’s positioning and communication while also developing a strategy for the future that would increase the brand’s recognition and emotional resonance. Secondary to positioning, our specific tasks were to rework the corporate design and redesign the company’s communication media.
The new positioning relies on BRAWA’s traditional strengths, shining a light on its new communication strategy: the model trains’ unique level of detail and faithfulness to the original. The concept of ‘detail’ accordingly became the central tenet of the brand’s future communications. Its claim – ‘Love of Detail’ – and new image both serve to bolster the new positioning. This love of detail was staged as a playful combination of graphic elements from the world of railways or set in miniscule typefaces. The colour yellow – a well-practised but inconsistently applied brand attribute – was promoted to lead colour.


Michael Meier
Managing Director

Next stop: Excitement.

A subscription mailing list – advertised through an insert in model railway magazines – attracted a great deal of attention and resulted in excellent sales of the new products being advertised. Here, the design perfectly balances information and emotion; a clear layout and documentary-style photos ensure its practical value. With lovingly designed graphic details and brief ‘image texts’ to top it off, the brand is now something that can be experienced on an emotional level.
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Michael Meier
Managing Director
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