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The campaign for SÜDKURIER Online.


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At SÜDKURIER Medienhaus, who are based in Konstanz on Lake Constance, 2018 is characterised by a rethink about the concept of journalism. The main platform for this is SÜDKURIER Online. In the case, it’s all about topics that people in the region are passionate about. Potential online readers, or readers in Constance to be precise, also had to notice this ‘shift’. And here’s where we come in.
Attract attention to an offer that has deserved it. As SÜDKURIER Online has achieved a shift to a new form of journalism, it needs a campaign that does it justice. That’s why we incorporate two core editorial themes into every motive. A field of tension is created from powerful images and texts, in which the viewer stops for a moment. Until the subline resolves it all. We call all of this Twist.

Surprising campaign. Expected success.

Talk of the town, sea whispers - call it what you like. The Twist campaign for SÜDKURIER Online from Schindler Parent was definitely on people’s minds throughout Constance. The articles, which were well worth reading, were indeed read, and the platform has been a great success. You could say that the future of journalism has already begun in Constance.
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Michael Meier
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter