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Excellent Design for Every Taste of Music.

in-akustik Tasty Sound Collection.


How to whet the appetite of music lovers when it comes to impeccable recordings. When it comes to recordings that captivate due to the clearest sound on the best sound systems? With thematic compilations. Our customer in-akustik, a provider or their own Hi-Fi, video, and multimedia accessories, and a vendor of music & media with their own label, instructed us to design a whole series for that. Pleasure for the ear – Music for the eye, an eye-catcher for the POS.   

Blues, rock, latin – and many more genres were to be packaged. We combined each of them with a certain luxury food: Blues with whisky, rock with beer, latin with coffee, songs with champagne etc.  In a 16-page booklet we told the story of what is special about them. What distinguishes the manufacturing. How they were distributed. And why they fit perfectly with their music genre. A booklet to leaf through while enjoying the CD.

Packaging design at its finest.

But the real enjoyment immediately catches the eye: The cover, the high-quality slipcase, on which the smoke of a cigar, a steaming cup of tea and sparkling cocktails reveal the music and the musicians themselves.

For the secondary placement at the POS, we have also proven our expertise in shop fitting: With a display for the whole series that one could hardly overlook.

The most beautiful form of sales consulting.

With this design line, we handed sales of In-Akustik something that every sales department has a dire need of: a door opener.

A Red Dot Award for the Design Line.

The tasty sound collection was well received. Not only by the POS, the dealers and their customers, but also by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, that annually awards the Red Dot Award. Our packaging design absolutely convinced the jury. We were delighted. And so was our customer in-akustik.  

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Group Head Project Management
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