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Communication for the Vincentius Hospital Lake Constance.


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Gesundheitsverbund Landkreis Konstanz (GLKN) is the largest healthcare provider in the Western Lake Constance region. Numerous clinics and medical care centres in the region belong to the association.

In Lake Constance itself there are only two hospitals – the clinic and the venerable Vincentius, a specialist orthopaedic hospital. Since March 2018, both buildings are now under the umbrella of the new functional building in Mainaustraße. GLKN has tasked Schindler Parent with communicating about the relocation.
Usually, anyone who is relocating gets excited about their new home. You book the removal van, pack everything up, then unpack everything and issue a mail forwarding order. You have arrived. The same cannot be so easily applied to a hospital. Certainly not when it concerns a tradition of more than one hundred years, which is the case for the affectionately named hospital “Vince”, as it is known by employees and patients.

It’s not just about leaving a well-loved home to which everyone feels very attached but which doesn’t make financial sense to renovate. It’s about taking a “soul”, a “day-to-day culture” to a new building, where it will merge with the culture of the Klinikum Konstanz.

The key is to communicate that “nothing has really changed” – apart from the address, the surroundings, the building, and the full spectrum of services which the healthcare provision of the Klinikum Konstanz now encompasses. This really is something.

How have we acted in this force field of new beginnings and inertia? By seizing on it and communicating it.

In a letter and flyer to 3,500 referring practitioners, we have communicated the new address – and made clear that the “Vince” will remain the “Vince”, just with more modern equipment in a new facility, with greater security and comfort for patients.

Employees of both facilities have also received the flyer. Flanked by posters in the entire complex of buildings which show employees of all professions expressing their joy about the relocation through a statement.

At the heart of the communication was a redesign of the Vincentius logo, which is clearly fresher and more modern in its colour and shape but which remains recognisable for employees, referring practitioners and visitors.


Agnes Pilar
Project Management


Michael Barthelme
Group Head Art


Michael Meier
Managing Director


Christoph Siwek
Group Head Text


Jessica Holly
Communication Design

A modern look which reinforces identification with the “Vince”.

When, if not now: The Vincentius Krankenhaus wanted as much continuity as possible – including with its appearance in particular. We have retained this aspect while also modernising the look. We have done this by subtly aligning the logo, flyer, poster and business equipment with the new face of GLKN. This has strengthened identification both internally and externally. For referrers, the population of Lake Constance and the employees.
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Creative Consulting / Group Head Text
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