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Corporate Design for DaimlerChrysler


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Jürgen E. Schrempp and Robert J. Eaton announced the fusion of Daimler-Benz AG and the Chrysler Corporation to create DaimlerChrysler in London in 1998. It was destined to become the world’s leading company in automotive and automotive services. Our task was to develop the new symbol and image of “Welt AG”. The end point for all activities was flotation on Wall Street, New York.
If you ask how a company should be presented, you also need to ask what should be presented. Here it was about turning the interplay between vision and tradition into something of an icon. The real challenge was in capturing the dynamics of an intercontinental company and translating this visually.

Design has become a complex project management task. In addition to careful analysis and excellent artistry, process support and the availability of tools underpin successful implementation. An international task force managed the complex process.

Almost half a million personnel in all countries of this corporate world were scheduled to be contractually capable on “Day One”, the day of stock market flotation. A network of leading personnel at approximately 140 locations were identified worldwide and established into a feedback system, which reflected the regional and local issues encountered by an internationally operating company. At events in Europe and overseas, the organisation was given a toolbox of corporate design guidelines and judicial information for local implementation. Templates were provided via intranet; the in-house corporate font A-S-E was installed on all computers. Documentation and policies were also created for all areas of application.

A trademark that went around the world.

Upon “Day One” and the legal validity of DaimlerChrysler AG, the company was launched worldwide with a new symbol and a uniform look.
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