What water wants.

Excellent brand communication for Düker.

Düker is one of the oldest companies in Germany. Its roots go back 555 years to the year 1468. Today, Düker is internationally one of the leading premium suppliers for excellent water supply and water disposal solutions. It is one of the last companies that still casts its valves, fittings and pipes, but is now no longer limited to that. It is a specialist for enamelling. And indeed, Düker is exceedingly sustainable - with products, systems and solutions that are made from scrap metal, last for decades and are then melted down and reprocessed: into new valves, fittings and pipes. These are all assets that Düker has defined in a comprehensive brand process and transferred into an international growth strategy. This is where Schindler Parent comes in. We developed the brand identity for it: a revolutionary new look that implements the adopted brand strategy in an eye-catching and unmistakable way.
Clear message. Logo & Claim.
Hardly any company is willing to give up its traditional logo and rely on a completely new trademark. Düker is. The cross-section through the pipe, the colors red and blue for structural and civil engineering and the colorfully divided name - this is how the new logo describes what the company stands for in the word-picture mark alone. And the claim expresses it: Düker. Excellent. Water. Solutions.

Strong images. Look-and-feel.
Düker is both: rough working environment and big business. And that's how we show the company - with pictures from production. Authentic. Fascinating. Iconic. And with pictures from the business world. International. Visionary. Successful. Because water is a valuable commodity that deserves excellent solutions.
Rendered, not shot. The products.
Quality is everything. And we make it visible. With sharp renderings that show exactly what makes Düker products stand out. Applicable in every perspective. Variable. Flexible. Razor-sharp.
Düker Produkte
Düker's latest stand. At IFAT 2022.
Düker presented its new image live for the first time at the leading trade fair IFAT 2022 in Munich - on a booth that consisted entirely of sustainable materials, from the walls to the floor coverings to the recyclable giveaways. The message: Sustainability is an attitude.
Düker on the Web.
Clearly separated in color into the business areas Drainage and Flow Control, the Düker website is concise in appearance, clear in structure and open for expansion.
From print to digital.
Yes, they still exist - the brochures, price lists, data sheets. But we are preparing the market and the target groups to be informed digitally more and more frequently. For example, via the newsletter. That goes down well.
  • "The new brand identity visualizes our future as a modern solutions provider."

    "The new claim and the modern trademark underline our service portfolio, our quality standards and our solution orientation."

    Oliver Kraxner
    Managing Director Düker GmbH