In Shape For The Future.

A new Corporate Design For The EBZ .


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The Ravensburger EBZ group wanted to wipe the brand communication slate clean and reorganise. As a top supplier for the automobile industry an appropriate appearance is a must.
In order to communicate the values lived in the company, the existing design was thoroughly analysed and subsequently brought into shape – with all the frills: a new logo, a new claim, a new EBZ blue, a new corporate design, and a new image film. This resulted in an appearance that perfectly reflects EBZ– innovative, dynamic and above all consistent.

In the comprehensive corporate design manual all the new achievements have now been accurately recorded – naturally including dimensions, colour values, and derivations.

Here, the new logo is also described in detail. It consists of specially designed letters shaped by a blue space. As a result, the logo can be grasped quickly. And it achieves an excellent remote effect. The characteristic, well memorable shape makes it a distinctive and striking trademark.

The corporate identity is condensed by the specially developed brand wheel, and the new claim captures it in a nutshell: 'automotive. Challenge Accepted!". The clear message of the claim is internationally understandable – the EBZ takes on any challenge.

Ready For All Challenges.

The claim has already become common parlance among the employees, and it has been consistently welcomed by the customers. This significantly increased the identification of customers and employees with the company - as intended by the employer branding. For the claim, as well as the entire corporate design, get to the heart of the EBZ group. This ensured further possibilities for the top supplier to expand its position: The EBZ is ready to meet new challenges.
More information is available from:
Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Project Management