How do you insulate?

Ideally, just like in our puren explanatory film.


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Every house experiences energy losses. Much of these losses occur through the roof. Which is why it is a great idea to insulate your roof. But which insulation material is the best? Many people rely on supposedly natural wood fibre insulation materials for such applications. But are these really more ecological, more energy-efficient or better for your health than polyurethane insulation materials – PU for short? puren GmbH from Überlingen offers up a number of good reasons to choose PU instead. And it was our job to set the stage for them.
Can a plastic be “greener” than an insulation material made from renewable raw materials such as wood fibre? Of course! Some wood fibre insulation materials actually contain PU-based binding agents. In fact, they sometimes contain more plastic per square metre than the PU boards themselves. What’s more, PU boards are thinner and lighter, making them easier to install and, because they also offer a significantly better thermal conductivity rating, PU boards meet the legal requirements more simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

A direct comparison shows that PU offers many advantages over wood fibre – if you are prepared to question your prejudices against plastic. And this is exactly what we have done: we work through all the arguments in an explanatory film, with Horst Holz on one side and Peter Pur on the other. The film is animated by the Berlin film company Breuer und Sander.

10 GOOD REASONS. In film, online and in print.

The result is much more than just a film. The result is an entire communication package consisting of argumentation cards, a sales brochure and a landing page. The film itself is available in different versions, allowing you to show short clips of each argument, or to simply show puren’s arguments in favour of PU.
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