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Delicious packaging design for GAFATEAM.


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Food packaging needs to achieve lots of different things. It has to show what’s inside the packaging. It has to broadcast a range of food-related and legal information whilst making the product look delicious at the same time. Many providers, therefore, go for a gaudy, loud and colourful look. Not the GAFA-TEAM. The good food partner now takes a completely different approach: clean and chic – elegant packaging design developed at our waterfront location in Meersburg.
The idea was simply to take a completely different approach to packaging design. To showcase good quality without a lot of frills. No eye-catchers here, there or anywhere. None of the usual viewing windows that allow you to see frozen products but hardly anything else. Ice-covered raw potato sticks, pale-looking broccoli. Not with us.

Everything that can be prepared with food from GAFATEAM was served up to look appetising for a delicious photoshoot, which allowed us to get some great shots.

Instead, our packaging now shows perfectly prepared food. Nothing but the food itself. Ready to eat. Simple and clean. On a white background. With information that is clearly structured in a hierarchical manner. After all, this is precisely what GAFATEAM stands for with its brands Pickosta* and Garanta. Impeccable quality.

500 packaging concepts you’ll want to tear open and enjoy.

A new logo, an elegant design, an elaborate photoshoot and complex handling – each packaging concept gradually contributed to creating a new GAFATEAM brand image. One piece of packaging is successively replaced by the next. And they are all well-received in the market. There are now almost 500 cans, bags, cardboard boxes and canisters, labels and thermal bags in the new look. Timelessly modern with excellent graphics and typography. And that’s not all. The menu now also includes roll-ups, flags and a completely revised CD. Bon appétit.
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Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Project Management