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Grömo shows the rain where to go; we have supported the brand for many years in matters of communication. Now it was about redesigning various brochures for its extensive range of specialist products for roof drainage accessories.

The aim was to create a variety of brochures with various communication tasks in a standardised look and with a high degree of user-friendliness. And to use this series to refresh the brand’s ‘sparkle’.

In detail, the task included relaunching the annual reissued product catalogue and price list, redesigning an innovation brochure and a series of brochures on the numerous product categories.

Since the product catalogue and price list were to be created via a Web2Print application, the design had to be aligned with the programming specifications.
In parallel with the new website and just in time for the start of the anniversary year “130 years of Grömo”, a series of brochures was produced with high information value for the user and a high image value for the brand.

The layout concept provides for a standardised look with a series of defined elements: Thus titles and back covers are designed in a standardised way; on the back covers is the embossed Grömo star on high-quality metal characteristic of the brand.

Proven CD elements, such as the Grömo triad for headlines and the elegant product presentation, were supplemented by new material colours, typographic adaptations, technical graphics and pictograms for individual product lines. The imagery was meaningfully enhanced by macro and reportage photography.

Overall, the new brochures are brighter, lighter, more modern and more personal. In addition to the printed version, the series is also available as a download on the Grömo website.


The catalogue, complete with more than 100 pages, provides comprehensive information about the current product range, and also provides detailed content on quality and service, and has therefore become an important image medium for the Grömo brand.


The 140-page list is an important means of communication for the retail trade. Here, clarity and the ability to carry out quick searches are key.


It presents Grömo’s stand-out products – roof drainage components that stand for the brand’s key values of innovation, quality and simplicity, in particular. It is conveyed in an aesthetically pleasing, generous way, focusing on the functional details.


Grömo provides a variety of roof drainage components in various product categories. These are presented in detail in individual brochures. The clear, neat design makes it quick to navigate around.

Fresh sparkle for the brand with the star.

In 2016, Grömo was awarded the German Brand Award in Gold for “extremely good branding work”. Confirmation of our many years of communication work, which also contributed to establishing Grömo as a premium brand in an increasingly price-driven market.

However, good branding work also always means constantly reviewing and updating the company’s presence, without endangering its recognisability. So, in the course of relaunching the brochure, a few low-level adjustments and enhancements to the typography and imagery were made, which helped further affirm and develop the presence of the premium brand.

After the website had been redesigned, attention turned to the brochures – and so Grömo is now able to present itself with a standardised, high-quality look across all channels.
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