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Heinz-Glas is one of the world's largest flacon producers. Customers of the company from Upper Franconian Kleintettau include all the renowned luxury cosmetics providers. As part of a change of generations– already the twelfth one, as the glassworks were founded in 1622 – the family business positioned itself anew in 2014. Schindler Parent was entrusted with this task. The starting signal was given in May – Kick-off for the new brand: The leading trade fair for luxury packaging, the Luxepack Monaco, at the end of October. The goal of the brand positioning: To change the appearance and the perception of the customers. Away from the image of a supplier, towards an image of a partner at eye level. For the L'Oréals and Cotys of this world, Upper Franconia is a long way from the perfume metropolises of this world. Heinz-Glas ist einer der weltweit größten Flakonhersteller. Das Unternehmen aus dem oberfränkischen Kleintettau zählt alle namhaften Luxuskosmetikanbieter zu seinen Kunden. Im Rahmen eines Generationswechsels – bereits des zwölften, denn die Glashütte wurde 1622 gegründet – hat sich das Familienunternehmen 2014 neu positioniert. Mit der Aufgabe wurde Schindler Parent betraut. Startschuss war im Mai – Kick-off für den neuen Markenauftritt: die Leitmesse für Luxusverpackungen, die Luxepack Monaco, Ende Oktober. Ziel der Markenpositionierung: das Erscheinungsbild, die Wahrnehmung der Kunden zu ändern. Weg vom Lieferanten, hin zu einem Partner auf Augenhöhe. Denn für die L’Oréals und Cotys dieser Welt ist Oberfranken weit weg von den Parfummetropolen dieser Welt.

Identifying, designing, and communicating values in order to attract and maintain customers. We opted for an exemplary brand formation process with our customer. Narrowly moderated by a steering committee that got together once a month – which comprises participants from management and marketing, as well as executives from Paris, New York, and Poland.


We conducted two workshops. One with the international sales department of the company that owns around a dozen branches worldwide. And another with representatives from the development and production departments, and the office service. From the outset, we incorporated all the opinion leaders and the carriers of the brand formation process, and made them the company's internal brand ambassadors.


At the same time, customers were consulted through telephone interviews and a survey conducted in six languages to learn about their perception of the brand Heinz-Glas. With an excessively high resonance.


The results of the brand process directly flew into the parallel measures that were to be conceived, such as the development of a world of images that shows the emotional side of the company in between the gravitational fields of light, glass, and colour.

„Glass Is Warm“

And appealing, one would like to add. The brand DNA that was developed positioned Heinz-Glas as partner at eye level with the big perfume manufacturers, with a brand identity that shows that the company understands the world and the values, and speaks the language of its customers – without imitating them.

The emotional positioning shows Heinz-Glas as 'Addicted to Glass' – a promise that once again expresses 'passion' in a competely different way. With a kind courage and authenticity that can be substantiated through the brand history.

What applies for the claim also applies to any other term from which the positioning is composed. Storytelling and design form a unit that simultaneously represents the basis for the appearance of Heinz-Glas at the Luxepack Monaco, in the preceding trade fair invitation, the advertisements, and the image brochure. This left a lasting impression on the customers of Heinz-Glas, as well as the competitors who stopped by the booth and were astonished.
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