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There are regions in Germany, where jobs do not need to be created, but filled. This is especially true for rural areas such as Thuringia-Upper Franconia. The challenge is even bigger if the training places are in professions that need to be explained and are not automatically accessible for young school graduates. Heinz-Glas, one of the world's largest flacon producers for the perfume industry, has plenty of such professions to offer. Along with a few other things: an extraordinary working environment (very hot), a company culture that has matured over 400 years and for more than 13 generations (very familial), and products that spray a touch of glamour (the previously mentioned perfume flacons). And all of that in an area that is not just rural, but thanks to Heinz-Glass, also very lively. Our mission was to get to the heart of these extraordinary peculiarities in an employer brochure.
Our goal was to convey the fire burning within Heinz-Glas (and not just in the glassworks). The brand identity that had already been jointly developed for the Luxepack Monaco needed to be transferred to the internal and the employer communications. In order to achieve this, we identified the DNA of the Heinz-Glas employer brand in the course of two workshops and visualized it in a two-day employee shooting at the sites in Kleintettau. The result was an image of Heinz-Glas that shows the spirit of the employees: involved and engaged – people who do not just see a job in their work.


The result was a brochure that presents and locates the company in the region as an extraordinary employer in an introductory part, and then carves out the individual professions. Always underpinned with people, who bring in their personal stories. Informative and individual at the same time.

On Time for the Open House Day for Apprentices.

The target date for the delivery of 1000 copies was 26 November 2016, on which Heinz-Glas hosted an open house day within the framework of the employee days 'We are Heinz'.

This brochure for Heinz-Glas constitutes a counterpart to the 'Addicted to Glass' image brochure that had been created in 2014.

The result was a brochure in which the Heinz-glass employees can find themselves, and that appeals to prospective applicants.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director