Staging Magical Moments.

The Heinz-Glas Image Brochure.


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In the course of repositioning the Heinz-Glas brand, we were commissioned to design an image brochure on time for the Luxepack Monaco 2014. The goal: To create a medium that shows the family business from Upper Franconia exactly as it is, but in a way noone has seen it before. The only specification: Anything except boring.
Light, glass, colour – determine the tonality of the brochure. (ACHTUNG: Bindestrich evtl. weglassen im Englischen, passt nicht wirklich) Rooted at home. Values. (grammatikalisch schwierig: eine Haltung als abstraktes Subjekt- evtl. eine Haltung, die dazu antreibt, außergewöhnliche Flakons zu produzieren) An attitude that continually incites inspiration in producing exceptional flacons: We developed a brochure that stages the magical moments. A brochure that shows the fire within every flacon – and within the company and its employees it is created by. Square, practical, fascinating – and with additional inserts with print finishing that show the companie's novelties.


This product presentation not only shows flacon innovations made of wood, slate, and leather, for which a product shooting has been carried out specifically. But it also tells story from the home of the brand. Storytelling that will be remembered.

Speaks the Language of the Customers.

On time for the Luxepack Monaco, the brochure 'Addicted to Glass' was presented at the booth. It is the presentation of a partner at eye level, not just of a merely executing supplier. An expression of brand positioning. Heinz-Glas understands their customers and speaks their language. Emotional. Passionate. Engaging.

Through five language versions (German, English, French, Spanish, and Polish) and a total circulation of over 10,000 copies, the large international luxury cosmetics companies received a completely new impression of the flacon producer from Kleintettau.

The product designers' vision of each of their flacons was translated into print by the finishing. And there was an additional advantage: Thanks to the modular concept of the brochure with its jacket function, further inserts on the strategy and the brand values of Heinz-Glas could be added.

That was well received. Not only with the customers of Heinz-Glas, but also in the "Year of Advertising", which included the brochure in its edition of 2015.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director