The Brand Experience at the Luxepack Monaco.

The Heinz-Glass Booth.


Design a booth that's anything, except boring. That was roughly the order we received from Heinz-Glas in the context of the branding process. The booth at the Luxepack 2014 was meant to be the kick-off and culmination point of the new brand positioning.

We designed it to be open, elegant, and inviting. Curved shapes, in muted colours. In slate grey, typically of the origin of the brand Heinz-Glas: Upper Franconia with its slate roofed houses.  We used light accents for that additional glow: of course, high-quality. And an expression of the values that Heinz Glas represents.

A sense of brand home in the booth design

The key element was the positioning and the product presentation of novelties and innovations that also convey a fragrance of the brand. ACHTUNG: subjekt doppelt! Three original flacons were designed and finished with wood, leather, and slate – all materials referring to the region around Kleintettau - and posed to present Heinz-Glas' technical and creative expertise – and the added value gained by customers: one partner for all flacons, no matter how demanding they may be.

This interaction of product presentation, booth, and brand identity made the visit a unique brand experience.

'Wow' – 80% of All Booth Visitors Were Delighted.

And those were only the ones who participated in our quick poll: The passing competitors' looks were even more telling - and the congratulations they offered to Heinz-Glas for the design of the new booth. It basically only had one downside: It was too small.

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