0,0 % vol. really can be that palatable.

Product launch Helles Alkoholfrei for Hirsch.


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After the resounding success Hirsch Helles has achieved in the region, Hirsch has now brewed an even lighter beer for the market. Hirsch Helles 0.0 is completely alcohol-free and still tastes intoxicatingly good. We tried it. We had to, after all, Hirsch entrusted us with the product launch.
Hirsch Helles is blue. Hirsch Helles Alcohol-Free is light blue. This is the shortest way to sum up our approach. To ensure that no one makes a mistake in the beverage market at the shelf or in the catering trade at the bar, a red 0.0 non-alcoholic banderole clearly identifies the product as such.

In terms of text, too, the communication ties in seamlessly with the traditional Hirsch Helles campaign with the campaign slogan "Alkohellfrei" ("Alcohell-free").

Everyone loves 0.0%. They're allowed to.

Good. The success was foreseeable, but it's also great to see that Hirsch Helles 0.0 had such an exhilarating start. Only without the hangover. Something we can fully endorse. Hirsch has succeeded in creating one of the best double zero beers ever. Our recommendation: definitely give it a whirl.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director