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Our client Hirsch, a private brewery, had some news to share. They had created a new beer specialty – a Helles, available in a classic Euro bottle. The beer was brewing in its vats; the bottles stood empty and waiting. The only thing missing? The labels, crates, crown cork bottle caps and the marketing campaign. These ‘finishing touches’ were in our hands. We were responsible for everything from the idea all the way to its implementation in various media and through various channels.

Although this Helles was a totally new type of beer, the brewery wanted to keep the look of the labels, crates and other marketing designs very retro. In addition to that, the client expected the new Helles to be highly visible for the (new, to a certain degree) target group.
The brewery had request a traditional look; we were able to deliver exactly that in our designs for the label, crown cork bottle cap and crate. The solid block capitals are reminiscent of classic label design and immediately evoke a certain retro look. This effect is reinforced through the strictly minimal overall design of the label. Clear areas are defined in which each element has its proper place without any overlapping. The colour scheme was also kept very simple, while the current, modern logo was replaced by a more traditional one. Using the former logo and positioning the stag so prominently guaranteed unambiguous branding and quick recognition of Hirsch-Brauerei, despite the unexpected colour change from the brand’s current appearance.

While designing the marketing campaign, we didn’t want to ignore the fact that this was a totally new beer. We therefore made it our goal to create a sense of a ‘break’ or disruption. Our main method to do so relied on the combination of model, environment and the atmosphere created by the imagery. The result was a stereotypical hipster with plenty of obvious tattoos, but in a traditional setting. We arranged the photoshoot in collaboration with photography agency Kuhnle + Knödler. The image was also given a vintage look through post-processing.

This break between modernity and tradition was also apparent in the headlines. We created new words – in German, ‘traditiohell’, ‘sensatiohell’ and ‘origihell’ – that initially appear to be their familiar progenitors (‘traditionell’ [traditional], ‘sensationell’ [sensational], ‘originell’ [original]). But upon closer inspection, the reader notices the swapped letters (‘h’ for ‘n’) that make the words unusual and new. An additional effect is the unmistakable reference to the new Helles (‘-hell’). ‘Traditiohell’ became the main headline, in order to emphasise the connection between tradition and the new beer as strongly as possible.

Because Hirsche Helles was primarily aimed at a younger target group that is, to varying degrees, quite separate from the other Hirsch beer target groups, we sought to raise awareness of the new beer through a broad-based campaign. From advertisements, roller banners, posters in retail establishments and table tents to crate stickers and tin-plate signs: Our hipster could be seen just about everywhere. Obviously, this applied online as well, not to mention in social networks through contests and even a microsite designed specifically for the campaign. But our target group wasn’t inundated with just visual reminders of Hirsch Helles, but with aural ones as well. Radio spots broadcasted regionally through the Radio 7 station awakened listeners’ thirst – through their ears.

Everyone was bubbling over with joy.

The launch party for Hirsch Helles took place at the brewery’s outdoor festival in Wurmlingen. Both the beer itself and the design of its label and marketing campaign were a huge hit with visitors. Such a hit, in fact, that our client struggled to keep up with the demand.

The beer has since been distributed to retailers all over Germany who sell Hirsch beer. Initial feedback from beer aficionados has also been so positive that it’s difficult to even get one’s hands on a bottle – they’ve been selling fast.

We – and our client, of course – think that’s just sensatiohell.
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Michael Meier
Managing Director