Die Hirsch Imagebrosch├╝re- Schindler Parent

Golden for Image Cultuvation.

The Hirsch Image Brochure.


The order was to create a brochure that emphasises the bond between the region and the brewery, explains the different beers, and tells the stories around the brewery.

When designing the brochure, we wanted to underline the down-to-earth attitude of the Hirsch Brewery. So, by using a lot of wood, warm light, authentic elements, and regional images, we carefully created a rustic mood and a sense of home. Naturally, this also included presenting the employees. They are at the heart of the brewery and could not be missing in the image brochure.

That reads well.

The result was very well received both with our agency, our customer, as well as with their customers. Everybody is in complete agreement that the brewery is shown exactly as it is: down-to-earth, customer-oriented, and high-quality.

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Michael Meier

managing partner
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