50 years is long.

Just like our anniversary fanfold for puren.


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puren gmbH in Überlingen is a highly innovative company which carried out pioneering work at the end of the 1960s in the production and sale of rigid polyurethane products. The products – in the beginning mainly installed in roofs for thermal insulation purposes – were a practical representation of sustainable energy efficiency when nobody else was talking about it yet.

The company has now been operating within the market for half a century, has numerous subsidiaries and the range of applications of its solutions extends to thermal insulation systems and numerous industry sectors and even to flat-panel loudspeakers for interior acoustic use. In short: the company has a lot to say – and we have been tasked with telling the entire company history to all of the guests who have been invited on the occasion of the 50-year anniversary.
We have taken the task of “telling the story” literally and designed a fanfold publication which is significantly longer than standard printable formats allow from a technical print perspective. Over 20 pages the company history unfolds from its very beginnings, through various expansions in various locations, plant expansions and joint ventures in China.

Hans Bommer, the company founder, makes a statement on the inside of the cover, telling the story of how the company was founded through a very personal statement. At the end of the fanfold, he and his Managing Director Dr Andreas Huther, who took on the role in 2012, outline their vision for taking puren into the future. In between the two, the innovative potential of the company is exemplified with outstanding references. This includes extraordinary stories such as the company’s contribution to the Olympia tower in Barcelona, the roof insulation on the summit station of Zugspitze or the box bodies of the DHL vehicle fleet. There are charmingly recounted stories about a material which is much more present in our lives than most people think, and which is much more sustainable than most people assume a plastic would be.

What is wonderful is when the District Administrator advises people to read it.

But the anniversary celebrations were a very poignant celebratory act for the guests, whose numbers exceeded 200. The celebrations were characterised by the speech given by company founder Hans Bommer, which was emotional and poignant in equal measure. The speech made by the attending District Administrator was a particular highlight for us, as he encouraged all those seated in the auditorium to read the anniversary message. We can only echo his thoughts – with a recommendation to also take a look at the wonderful design.
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Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Projektmanagement