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In-akustik Reference Selection.


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The Reference Selection by in-akustik comprises a small but perfectly formed range of speaker cables that are sold by the metre and are equally suited to average listeners or to an entire Hi-Fi system with speakers. Or two. But these ultimate speaker cables were not developed just for them. in-akustik tasked us with communication in order to reach the audience for whom these cables are crafted with such attention to detail. At POS, in print
Anyone choosing such a high-quality speaker cable as this also wants to know where the value is. What added value it offers. Value selling was required here: to understand, to shape and to communicate the brand values in such a way that they impress and attract customers.

Convincing storytelling

Storytelling is one side of the story: to explain the effort that goes into cable design, the know-how in its development, the quality of its fabric and raw materials. We turned listeners into readers.

Elaborate 3D renderings

It is crucial, however, to present the entire product in such a way that also illustrates the technical complexity. And we solved this with 3D rendering.

Emotional images

And of vital importance are images that capture the effect that these cables have. The mark that the sound leaves behind. In a design that corresponds to the value of Reference Selection. We turn the tingling below the skin into a frequency curve. Sound that melts away.

The visualisation of the perfect sound

Our cross-media package included posters, banners, brochures and packaging design. It can found at the POS in shops, as well as digitally on the website. The mark of the perfect sound prevails. On and under the skin. And in communication.
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Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Project Management