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Brand Positioning For Innosystec.


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The medium-sized company, INNOSYSTEC, develops IT solutions for archiving and presenting sizeable data volumes in the big data field. This not only sounds complex, it is. INNOSYSTEC's customised system solutions and software products make this complexity manageable. But how do you communicate this complexity? Preferably with a customised, uniform and clear corporate image. And precisely this was our task.
Our first step was to develop a clear, high-quality and target-group orientated brand positioning for INNOSYSTEC as part of our creative planning. Based on this, we took a close look at the complete corporate identity and comprehensively redesigned the corporate design – from the trademark to the brand promise to the graphic style and imagery. The business stationary, company presentation, job advertisements and also the trade fair appearance were adapted – further measures are in the works.

On the one hand, the imagery's minimalist building photographs radiate urbanity, reliability and professionalism. On the other hand, people photography emphasises the company's emotional side, especially in the HR area.

The decisive factor was that we shortened the somewhat unwieldy company name to a catchy .INNO in the logo. The central element of the new word-image brand is this precisely this prefixed point. It symbolises the data point in the sea of data, the "needle in the pile of needles", which can be identified and evaluated using INNOSYSTEC's analysis technology. This point is seen throughout the entire brand image as a recurrent element in graphics, in the brand's key visual as well as in the 3D data structure. The new slogan, which we developed for INNOSYSTEC, is also aimed at it – literally the salient point: Now you know.


Thilo Riedesser
Communication Design


Maren Ottemeier
Project Management

Now we know – or not?

The new corporate image that we developed met with a very positive response from our customer and its partners. That is at least what we have found out. But that is all. We nevertheless have many more projects on our agenda. A sign that INNOSYSTEC definitely recognises itself in its corporate image. No wonder, considering the analysis tools the company uses.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director