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Witzenmann is the world’s leading manufacturer of flexible metal elements and systems for the automobile industry. An invitation had to be designed for a technology day, which incorporated the subject of decoupling elements in exhaust systems. The purpose of the invitation was to create interest in the Witzenmann Tech Day among the target group (engineers from the automobile/exhaust system industry) and generate excitement.
Reach two target groups in a fun way. Remind people of what they know and address technology in a fun way to the future target group generation. On the one hand, using the small format of the ‘Pixi’ booklet, which one of the target groups still remembers from their childhood and on the other, using an interesting story and related ‘child-friendly’ illustrations. In this way, the company and its ‘exciting’ products are launched as early as childhood. The parent reading out the story likewise becomes a ‘hero’ - as they have ultimately brought this story to the child.

Technique for reading aloud.

This little book broaches the issues of Witzenmann’s outstanding quality, engineering and sustainable product development. Written for children, the decoupling element recounts his adventures. Embedded in the story are the particular core competencies of Witzenmann, as well as detailed information on the technology. Two target groups are addressed at the same time using presentation and format. The engineer reading out the story and the child listening. Each respective content section is supported by lovingly drawn illustrations. Technique for reading aloud.
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