Next-generation label paper.

Product launch Xect Label.


Kriebstein Premium Pulp & Paper has created the next generation of label paper – Xect Label. The innovative paper is in no way inferior to virgin fibre products, but it has one key advantage: 100% recycled fibres. Kriebstein has delivered the paper of the future and Schindler Parent has provided a presence for it: from its name and design to the microsite.

Xect Label creates x possibilities. This claim is reflected in the name: X combined with the common ending ‘-ect’ – perfect, collect, effect, etc. The design takes up the theme of infinity. And the microsite bundles all the possibilities and information up in a clear and appealing way.

The future is green. And customers are showing their colours.

ect Label provides answers for the questions of the future. Many companies are already appreciating it today. At least, that’s what the orders are telling us.

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Michael Meier

Managing Partner
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