Door Opener.

Lead Generation for FSB.

FSB - the Brakel-based designer made history with its legendary architectural hardware. Names such as Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, and Ludwig Wittgenstein are responsible for the classic designs. And the architects who continue this legacy today are no less famous. Therefore, FSB has an outstanding image. However, at the beginning of the project, the company was far from having exhausted its potential on the Internet. This is precisely where Schindler Parent's lead generation campaign with its Lead Generation Engine came into play. The campaign goal was not only to generate leads but to strengthen the digital communication at FSB in general, thereby initiating and supporting a cultural change within the company. The keyword being: transformation through communication.
FSB stands for technology at the highest level, a partnership between craftsmanship and trade, the highest sense of aesthetics, and perfect craftership made in Brakel. FSB is enthusiastic about architecture, and in turn, the FSB brand is the first choice of architects. These are strong values that are also expressed on the company's homepage.

The lead generation campaign aimed to showcase these values with an unprecedented digital communication strategy. One of the challenges was the coordination of all partner agencies involved in the campaign and the selected employees at FSB, specifically trained to become brand ambassadors.

The lead generation campaign not only aimed at generating leads but also at initiating a cultural change in the company while digitally supplementing and expanding FSB's hitherto primarily analog communication. Thus, marketing and sales were, to a certain extent, the campaign's focus as well.

But the actual target groups were four narrowly defined niche segments - investors and architects, as well as planners and manufacturers. To reach these intended target groups in the best possible way, the FSB brand ambassadors regularly posted content relevant to each specific audience on LinkedIn, which directed interested parties to eight landing pages. There, visitors could sign up for topic-specific webcasts, download white papers or register for a newsletter. Depending on which target group the interested parties belonged to, there was a choice of two formats - a newsletter for architects and investors and one for planners and manufacturers.

Flanked by SEO measures, an overarching social media campaign, and a target group-specific ad banner advertising campaign, FSB significantly increased the awareness of its brand.

The result: More followers for FSB. More brand, more margin. On LinkedIn, the number of followers grew by a third. The engagement rate doubled, and the click rate increased tenfold. The average engagement rate increased by up to 360% in places. The generation of leads through the brand ambassadors increased by 75%. Overall, the lead target was significantly exceeded with an increase of 583%.
  • In a narrowly defined niche market, we aimed for 1,200 leads and achieved 7,000. In short: We managed an increase of 583%. The lead generation engine is working, has sustainably strengthened the FSB brand, and evoked enthusiasm.
  • Digital Communication Unlocks the Mind.

    "If you don't present yourself digitally today, you risk being left behind in the future. Through the campaign, we learned that knowledge-sharing content such as webcasts or posts by our employees on LinkedIn already plays an important role in B2B marketing today and will become even more relevant in the future."

    Florian Bausch, Head of Marketing, FSB