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Did you know that there is a 'splatter effect' with the print heads of industrial inkjet printers? No? You see, neither did we. But there are actual industrial printers - so-called CIJ printers - with which this splatter effect does not occur. More precisely, with the CIJ printers by Leibinger-Group. And only with these. That is because Leibinger's CIJ printers feature Sealtronic, an automatic printhead shutter. What do you get from this? More money and more sales. Why? Because this shutter drastically reduces the daily cleaning effort and thus, saves a lot of time. Day after day. All year long. It's a genuine advantage that brings tangible benefits. One merely must communicate it step by step - and that is what the Sealtronic video we realized for Leibinger does.
The whole story of the video is based on the fact that every day, in countless industrial companies worldwide, many CIJ printers print expiration dates thousands of times per minute onto every imaginable product. Barcodes, markings, designations. And every time these printers are switched off in the evening and switched on in the morning, the ink dries up, becomes encrusted, and contaminates the print head when it restarts - due to the 'splatter effect.' This effect results in unclean print results and daily cleaning interruptions during which production comes to a halt. Between ten and twelve minutes a day, the printers must be shut off and cleaned. Ten to twelve minutes during which no production can take place. Ten to twelve minutes during which the CIJ printers from Leibinger continue to print, labeling thousands of products or yard goods, all thanks to Sealtronic. Thus, they ensure significantly more sales day after day.

The Sealtronic film illustrates this point - quite literally. The whole malaise of marking and labeling is shown in a significant dot optic until the solution is animated in excellent rendering by Sealtronic. Visually brilliant, argumentatively compelling.

Excellently produced by our partner BitteschönTV.


That's just one of the comments found on LinkedIn about the Sealtronic video. From South America. From Asia. From all over the world. The video quite clearly shows the outcome of the 'splatter effect' with conventional industrial printers – but it also illustrates how to avoid the 'splatter effect' through CIJ printers with Sealtronic. With more output. More turnover and a brilliancy that will leave you speechless. Just take a look at it.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director