Let's take a look
under the plaster.

With insulation from puren for your own home.


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puren is a leading manufacturer of rigid polyurethane foam insulation materials. What at first sounds like plastic, oil and environmental pollution is, in fact, a real winner when it comes to energy efficiency, sustainability and the circular economy. This is because the ultra-light, super-slim insulation materials are demonstrably healthier, more allergy-friendly and more effective in insulating buildings. And when they have done their job, they do not have to be disposed of, but can rather be further processed into a new material – purenit. All good reasons that should be communicated clearly and unambiguously. Not, as you would usually expect, when talking to architects and fabricators, but to those who build and live in the houses themselves. And that is exactly what we were commissioned to do by puren.
There is actually nothing more emotionally significant than your own four walls. You invest a tonne of money and have a discussion over every door handle. And only the insulation is a necessary evil? No way, Jose! It makes a lot of difference from an optical standpoint as to whether you have insulation twice as thick made of so-called natural insulating materials or only half as thick made of polyurethane, which also has better insulating values. Thick or thin. But always under the plaster – this is the building insulation. A highly emotional affair for all who live within the walls. With good reasons behind it. It was precisely this ambiguity – outer appearance, inner values – that formed the conceptual framework for our brochure. Using strong visual imagery on our pages, we presented the benefits of insulation from puren in an emotional way. Under a flap, we then pushed the background argument. At the same time, we revealed what life looks like for a family in a reference building fitted out with puren, during an elaborate photo shoot. At first sight: stunning photos that show what it means to be able to use more living space, to be exposed to fewer allergens and then to receive a KfW subsidy for using this energy-efficient solution.

Everyone loves insulation from puren. With strong emotions and good reasons.

There were – I mean are – now all really enthusiastic. Using puren insulation materials is a decision for life. Considering that's how long – at least – the insulation is supposed to last. That really won over everyone. Our customer, his sales department and all those who aspire to own a home and are still looking for the right insulation. Makes you want to build.
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Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Project Management