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The Maybach brand’s roots go all the way back to the 1920s. In those days, Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl designed and built automobiles that met the very highest standards. This combination of quality, perfection and comfort was the brand’s hallmark at the time – and remains so to this day.

The brand accommodates the needs of an exceptionally exclusive standard of living. This promise should also be reflected in every aspect of the brand’s image. Schindler Parent was responsible for positioning the brand and developing, documenting and implementing its corporate design.

The exclusivity of the Maybach brand depicts an interpretation of luxurious values. These values set the benchmark for the brand’s presentation; the new design guidelines are based on the old maxim that ‘less is more’ – here, ‘reduction’ expresses the ethos and attitude of the luxury brand. As a result, all the style elements focused only on the essentials. The new design guidelines express the classically timeless style of the Maybach brand.

For the first time, the Maybach brand design guidelines were set down in their full scope and standardised. These guidelines are a crucial tool for expressing the brand’s image and style consistently in all its forms – print and digital alike.

A legend returns to the streets of Germany.

The classically timeless visual language that sets both the luxury vehicles and the corporate design apart from the crowd marked the beginning of an unexpected renaissance for the Maybach brand. It’s not longer possible to determine the extent to which this rebirth owes a debt to the new brand image. But that’s just how it goes with the great myths and legends. Where they came from, why they’re here – we often no longer know. But we can feel and see their presence.
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