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motan is a leading global supplier of peripherals for the plastics industry. In 2006, the family company acquired the Swiss company Colortronic International AG and has since beem distributing on the market as motan-colortronic. From the start, Schindler Parent oversaw the brand communication and developed a brand identity within that framework: the CD/CI, the colour and image world, the typography, the entire look & feel.
The plastics industry is original B2B territory. There is a need for information. There are still products calling for an explanation that are to be sold to the customer, or, more precisely, the engineer. Objectively, rationally, driven by facts.

But not with us. Not with Motan. After all, the family-owned company, now with the second generation at the helm, now has a female chairman, Sandra Füllsack.


Consequently, we have opted for an approach that we consistently pursue at Schindler Parent: B2P – Brand to the people. And that indicates that the purchasing behaviour of B2B and B2P (ACHTUNG P not C) customers is not so different after all: Only when you have reached the heart and the stomach, the head is open to arguments.

This also guided us when designing the brand identity for motan and its motan-colortronic sales department. In other words: Not the product features are door openers for purchase decisions, but the added value, the customer benefit. We call this customer oriented approach value selling, because this is what makes brands strong. Corporate design as it should be. Based on the corporate identity. Simple and clear for everyone who uses it.


Michael Meier
Managing Director


Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Projekt Management 


Christoph Siwek
Group Head Text

Value Selling and Storytelling Perfectly Metered and Well Dosed.

For the brand with the swallow we developed a logo and a CD/CI that expresses the company's values, its competences, and its achievements clearly – and emotionally. White dominates the company's appearance, accentuated by the company colours motan Blue and orange.

The claim "Think Materials Management" promotes looking ahead. It stands for innovation, without claiming it is a simple task - by calling mere material handling a management task - something that nobody in the industry had perceived as such before.

What makes motan stand out from the crowd of peripheral suppliers in the plastics industry are the image pictures, in which plastic worlds are created from granules and powder. In all areas in which motan operates - in injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding and compounding. Behind this image world is not just one photo shooting, but consistently new ones that keep telling the story of innovative plastics production and processing.

There is also room for numbers, dates, and facts. Then and there, when the target group is already ready to buy, because it is convinced of the added value that motan offers. In the brochures, on the website, in the column that appears in the section mo's Corner.

With this branding, we positioned motan internationally as a pioneer of the industry over the years. Fully in accordance with the claim "Think Materials Management".

And that no longer just appeals to engineers.
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