Engines & Emotions.

MTU Employer Branding.

The mission was: to recruit new employees.

Every third commercial aircraft flies with technology from MTU Aero Engines. The Munich-based company has been promoted to the DAX and has a continuing high demand for employees. Thus, MTU was looking for an agency to launch its new employer campaign. They chose Schindler Parent. That was an unforgettable moment for us and, at the same time, the starting point for our strategy.
What's it like to work for MTU Aero Engines? To develop, manufacture, and maintain engines that generate incredible power? That consist of countless parts and are backed by a data centre that can compete with the greatest data centres worldwide. What goes on in the employees' minds when they digitise, design, and shape the aviation of tomorrow? What happens when they see planes taking off that only fly because of their effort?

The idea: Capturing these exact moments; Focusing on how employees look at the company with pride in their eyes. Moreover, we want to exhibit a combination of both: Engines & Emotions.

The result: an employer branding that introduces new aspects into MTU's overall communication. Visually, through a strong connection between man and machine. Strategically, through strong internal messages for employees of all divisions and locations and externally for all potential applicants. Moreover, customers, partners, and competitors also perceive this message. They see MTU as a strong player in the industry and an exceptional employer, particularly at its Munich headquarters.

Say cheese, please.
The shoot: Lots of brand ambassadors for MTU.

The campaign develops outward momentum through power from within: We captured the faces of the campaign in an extensive staff photo shoot and gained numerous internal brand ambassadors at the same time. In this way, the campaign has an internal identity-building effect while outwardly attracting new potential applicants.

Only brilliant minds.
The target groups were: apprentices to engineers.

The campaign focuses on the six most important target groups: Engineers, IT and digital experts, specialists, sales specialists, students, and apprentices.

A strong impression.
The implemented measures. Online, offline, everywhere.

The campaign appears on MTU's career website, job portals, social media channels, and of course, at job fairs.

It's going well.
The key visual at Munich Central Station.

MTU is one of the largest employers in Munich. Many applicants come by train. Let us pick you up – directly at the station.

  • „It's the perfect connection.“

    „The idea of merging engine and human really gave us momentum. Employees were quite proud of our appearance at the station. Some applicants even referred to it in their job interviews."

    Eva-Maria Kopetzky, MTU Aero Engines AG, Specialist HR Marketing / Recruiting Team

  • MTU's employer branding experienced a real boost with the tagline #UPLIFTYOURFUTURE. That's also what applicants say in their job interviews.