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The software company INNO from Salem-Neufrach develops IT solutions that enable information from different sources to be analysed and shared with those who need to know about it. And by doing so, INNO is making the world a little safer. Our task was to create a website that would bring these skills to the fore – and give potential employees an insight into the corporate culture.
Ultimately, it’s about more than just information. It’s about much more than different information sources. It’s about much more than completely different target groups. That’s what INNO employees say when they develop new software solutions for their clients. And that’s what we said to ourselves when we created the website for INNO.

We applied their own principles to INNO: We have analysed, evaluated and processed the facts so that INNO can share them with those who need this knowledge: for clients who need large volumes of information to be analysed, evaluated and processed to make the world a safer place. And for potential new employees who want to contribute to it.

Those who have actually helped contribute are the INNO employees themselves who, after some initial scepticism over the new website, fully committed themselves to it: at an extra shoot and with the employer branding films, which are embedded on the website.

But that’s a case in itself.


Maren Ottemeier
Project Management


Michael Barthelme
Group Head Art


Thilo Riedesser
Communication Design


Christoph Siwek
Group Head Text

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Even before the website went online, it triggered an tremendous boost: namely, internally. INNO has a unique corporate culture, which the website expresses in an original way. The creation of the website enthused the employees first and foremost. And this excitement immediately spreads to the website’s visitors in its images, films and statements. Try it out.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director