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OLYMP, the manufacturer of high quality men’s shirts, was facing a challenge. The first-class style of the shirts is instantly recognisable. But it took a lot more effort to stand out amongst the mass of an almost infinite number of internet offers. That’s why they asked us if we could provide them with SEO text that would fit the brand. That’s why we set out to take part in the text OLYMPics.
Our idea was not just to write SEO texts that search engines find great. We also wanted the shirt aficionados on the site to identify themselves both with the style of men’s shirts and the text. That’s why we included a little story in each online text that fits the brand as well as the style of the shirt.


Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Projekt Management 


Christoph Siwek
Group Head Text

Enough of hide and seek.

Even if our SEO online texts only make it to the lower part of the respective page, that’s enough to bring the pages of the OLYMP website back into the upper echelons of the search engine search results where they belong thanks to the correct choice of words and tailor-made style. And what was important to us: Our texts for OLYMP are just as great as the high-quality shirts themselves.
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Christoph Siwek

Creative Consulting / Group Head Text
christoph.siwek (at)