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Corporate design, packaging and event management for Pentosin.


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Pentosin oils and lubricants represent genuine quality in the car industry. We were commissioned to review the corporate design and packaging of the products, with the task of conveying the superior quality at first glance. This was followed by the supervision of a company event for the 60th anniversary of a sales partner in New Jersey, USA.
For the corporate design concept, we used landscape scenes in dramatic lighting and with sharp contrasts to illustrate the challenges that the products face every day. By contrast, the image resolution should allow the scaled-down design of the information fields in displays and brochures.

When it came to the labelling, clarity was a key aspect. It should give the viewer guidance that should be evident from the very first glance at the product. Therefore, not only did we ensure a uniform look across all product lines, but also a strong colour scheme to indicate the different contents. Tone and simplicity of the new designs should also reflect the superior quality of the products.

We felt the client’s idea for celebrating the anniversary of its sales partner in New Jersey (to present the managing director with a gift voucher) simply wasn’t enough. We wanted a celebration to thank all company employees and to strengthen the future relationship in a sustainable way. So we brought Oktoberfest, along with German beer, pretzels and potato salad, directly to the company premises in New Jersey.


Michael Meier
Managing Director


Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Projekt Management 


Jörg Bluhm
Creative Director


Thilo Riedesser
Communication Design

Ois, Two, G'lunga.

Both the corporate design/packaging and the company anniversary were a complete success. The new labels were very well received by clients and distributors, as they are ultimately representative of the quality inside.

And in principle the festival was representative of Pentosin products too. Oktoberfest New Jersey had a great atmosphere and was a great success, down to the last drop. Managers and employees of the sales partner had a great time all-round and gained a new, positive insight into Pentosin.

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