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The printed pages of communication.

New brochures for PlanetHome.


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PlanetHome brokers 5,000 properties per year and is therefore one of the largest players in Germany. It’s clear that digital marketing plays a major role here. But not only – after all, there are more than 300 regional real estate brokers and thousands of clients on site. Our task here: to make the brand tangible with brochures and flyers – yes, exactly!
‘My home, my PlanetHome’ is not only a slogan but an approach. The target group needs to feel understood on every page, like during a good discussion. The tone matches this: emotional, clear, professional. The accompanying imagery: warm, human, inviting.

On every page, the reader learns about the strength of the brand PlanetHome. As well as fabulous figures, it’s about bringing heart and mind together. The complex topic of ‘real estate’ becomes the feel-good topic ‘home’. Data and facts are linked to the emotions of the clients – and immediately specialist content becomes accessible and pleasant.

Acquisition brochure It is often the start of everything: whether the first meeting becomes a successful business relationship is decided here. PlanetHome presents itself and its services with a clear focus on client benefits and an engaging tone that whets the appetite for more.

Partner brochures Partners from the finance industry are an important sales route for PlanetHome – here PlanetHome provides information in its own look and feel, but in terms of content, things are exactly focused on the clients and business sectors of the partners.

Sales flyers Helpful for regional brokers and partners on site: short and sweet information on clearly defined topics.


Maren Ottemeier
Project Management


Robert Schenk
Managing Director


Michael Henckus
Media Designer


Thilo Riedesser
Communication Design

Success on every page.

The Munich-based real estate brokers are active throughout Germany and Austria where they are breaking turnover record after turnover record: PlanetHome is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019. Its modern brand presence creates recognition value and affection in a highly competitive market. Clarity, simplicity and an engaging tone give clients a good feeling in the complex topic of real estate. In a turbulent market, PlanetHome communicates peace and constancy – with a moderately reworked presence and the promise fulfilled with every page turn, ‘My home, my PlanetHome’.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director