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The Product Launch for Upscreen Bedifol.


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As one of the leading European manufacturers and dealers of display protective foils, protective filters and similar products, Bedifol GmbH already has plenty of experience in this field. This experience should now be implemented in a new premium brand. Specifically, for the introduction of the new premium brand it was a matter of redeveloping everything from the brand name through the logo, packaging, and colour worlds to the claim.
The key point in the product launch was to consistently communicate the 'premium' concept. This first and foremost includes a matching name, which, embedded in a logo, provides a distinctive appearance for the brand. The result was 'Upscreen'. It conveys to the customer that the new foil immensely upgrades the safety of the device. In addition to that, the claim says 'Upsafe your device'. It phonetically leans on the word 'update' and underpins the 'premium' idea in this way.

In order to round off the whole concept and make the premium brand perceptible to the customer, a packaging was developed that not only scores due to its first-class design. The type of packaging also stands out from the crowd. The high-quality haptics of the sleeve, which can be opened on the back and thus also offers the possibility to design the inside, is distinctly different from the more simple designs of the competing products.


Michael Meier
Managing Director


Johannes Kretz
Group Head Art

Upsafe your device

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