Think pure.

Sustainable brand communication for puren.

  • puren has always had good arguments at hand. However, these arguments are even more persuasive and sustainable with their new appearance and latest brand communication.

puren is the specialist for innovative insulation materials made of rigid polyurethane foam. What sounds like plastic is a sustainable solution – made for this era. And for architects, builders, fabricators, and OEMs, of course. It just needs to be communicated appropriately.

PU. Polyurethane. That is plastic based on mineral oil. Can that be sustainable? You bet! At the end of the 1960s, when hardly anyone was thinking about insulation and sustainability, puren introduced this material to the market and set new standards for intelligent building insulation.

puren's solutions are easy to work with, look good under the plaster, and last a lifetime. And once that period has passed, they celebrate their resurrection in a different form and for other functions. In this way, puren breaks the cliché of only a natural solution being sustainable and focuses on a differentiated argumentation. An exciting communication challenge. As if custom-made for Schindler Parent.