Presents Special Moments.

The new RAFI Image Brochure.


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We repositioned RAFI, with corporate design and claim. Now the whole thing needed be put on paper, No problem. Hot off the press and consistent with the brand identity, we present an apprentice brochure, two HR brochures, and above all, the new image brochure.
What do washing machines, lifts, the FRITZ!box, coffee makers, electric window openers, and operating units for robots have in common? When pushing their buttons, switches, or joysticks, RAFI moments are activated.

In the image brochure, we tell you where you meet RAFI in everyday life, and what is behind every encounter: Competence, know-how, and passion. Pay attention when next you activate something — it could be a RAFI moment.

Expressing the Brand.

Everyday objects, presented from unique perspectives, and wrapped into emotional stories. That is what is called storytelling nowadays. An unusual approach in the industry. RAFI is not only a driver of innovation when it comes to technology, but also when it comes to communication. This is hardly surprising, but it is all the more convincing.
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Michael Meier
Managing Director