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The New Website for Rafi


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At the beginning of the mammoth project was RAFI's wish for a new website - clearly structured, visually appealing, and easy to use. No easy undertaking with six main subjects, six languages, and a total of 200 individual pages.
Company, products, competences, industry solutions, careers, and trainings. Six core areas which were processed in detail - with headline mechanics specially developed for the webpage, a multi-day photo shoot, and naturally based on the corporate design.

The claim "Get in Touch" is noticeable on every page, starting with the individually adjustable home page in tile optics up to the product page at level four. Because getting in touch works with just one click. This is how visitors can easily start a conversation with RAFI.

And also otherwise a successful user experience was emphasised. The six main subjects could easily be reached from every page. From there, one can conveniently navigate the subpages on the respective topic via the tile menu.

The fact that the webpage works on every terminal and that the meta level was also thought of is obvious nowadays.

When Moments Become Contacts.

More than satisfactory rankings in all relevant categories, high access numbers, and consistently positive feedback from employees, customers, and partners. That was the first intermediate conclusion for the new RAFI website. It already fulfils its task as a tool for customer acquisition.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director