Playful Development: the mission is being researched.

The Ravensburger 2018 Annual Report


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Since 2013, “Playful Development” has been the Ravensburger Group’s mission. Nevertheless, up until now, the subject has been broached rather conservatively in corporate communication. The corporate presentation says: “The Ravensburger Group provides meaningful products for the playful development of people.” And continues: “Playful development is our mission that provides the framework for our actions.”

To emphasise the importance of the mission, the annual report should make a detailed assessment - in the form of an exploration of the mission and its meaning for the Ravensburger Group, the Group’s brands, for the products and for the people in the company and outside it.

A basis for the mission has became more urgent over the past few years as the Ravensburger Group has continually grown and has become more international and more digital. In 2018 the Group began a new organisational structure. Good reasons therefore for a clear, unmistakeable positioning of the brand.
There are many opportunities to broach the subject of “Playful Development”. We chose a double strategy: An essay should explore the meaning and implications of the mission and place it in the history of the company. It was necessary to prove the theory that a line pervades from the beginnings of the publishing house until today: the two-pronged approach combining play and seriousness, entertainment and education, ultimately found a consistent connection with “Playful Development”. This was considered a contemporary reformulation of Ravensburger’s basic concept.


How can you make “Playful Development” visible? We purposefully don’t focus on the most obvious application, i.e. on photos of peopleplaying, reading, painting, exploring, etc.

Instead, we have used scientific methods to research what happens when people play, read, do puzzles, solve tasks, etc. In collaboration with experts. Ravensburger Group games and books were tested at the Centre for Empirical Communication Research (ZEK) from the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Ravensburg. They measured levels of tension, attention, concentration, joy and shared experience - via eye movements, facialexpressions, pulse and skin conductance or picture scales. Depending on the methods used the results are available in graphs, diagrams, thermal images or coded facial expressions.

The decisive creative step: The scientific graphics were playfully developed into collages from test results, illustrative and typographical elements and photographed parts from the respective products. So each of the eight pictures invites you again to playfully unscramble them. A detailed caption serves as scientific proof and an interpretation of the measurement results. It names product, test methods and names and ages of the test subject. A glossary provides more detailed information about the test methods used and presents pack shots of the products.

The annual report as a brand confirmation and update.

In addition to the website, the annual report is an important medium through which the Ravensburger group presents itself both externally and internally. The topics, which are determined annually, reflect what is happening in the company, where it stands and what it engages in. The report therefore serves to continuously update the brand.

The 2015 annual report presented the Ravensburger Group as a “growing family”. The 2016 annual report took stock in dialogue with target groups and experts and was presented in a larger format and as a modern magazine. The 2017 annual report combined four generations and the Ravensburger gene and gave a commanding presence to the continuity of values, a central theme of the Group.

With the current annual report, the “Playful Development” mission becomes the focal point and thus takes you to the heart of the Ravensburger Group brand.

Once again, in the 2018 annual report, Ravensburger pays homage to the employer brand because it consolidates the central value of the Ravensburger Group and thus conveys in a differentiated way what Ravensburger offers its employees: work with ambition and purpose.
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