A new interplay, innovatively implemented.

The Ravensburger Annual Report 2019: More compact than ever.


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New concept: In contrast to the editorially extensive annual reports of yesteryear, a compact implementation was required: a concentrated presentation of the company’s new organisation and the most important figures of the business year. The focus was to be on the formative topics and challenges of 2019 – increasing internationalisation and the establishment of a new corporate structure. The image section and the figures section should also be visually linked more robustly.
Visually appealing infographics dominate the annual report – from the generously staged figures of the year to the world map – thereby rendering the internationality of the group conspicuous – to the circular graphic with the product categories as the centre of the new structure. Implemented in Ravensburger colours and specially developed icons. The use of photography is also strategic: Two photos accompany the five double-page spreads. They show the two Board Members, who stand for the company in two senses of the term, and – as a collective illustration of the company’s sales function – a sales representative. The more robust connection of the financial report was achieved by standardising the grid, as well as by inserting graphic elements.

The latest update for the corporate brand.

As a permanent fixture of corporate publishing, the annual report provides a view of the company and the Ravensburger Group brand every year. Target groups include employees, customers, business partners, the press and the public. The topics reflect where the company stands and what it is that drives it.

In 2019, this was the establishment of its new corporate structure. In this phase, the current annual report takes on the function of a concentrated presentation of this new interplay. Quickly comprehensible figures, didactic infographics and icons for the six product categories; the core of the new structure is the collection of new visual elements that will leave a lasting mark on the presentation of the brand. Perhaps a milestone in corporate communication.
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Antje Koch
Project Management / Public Relations